Company Profile

Established in 2013, Renhe Xingye (Shenzhen) Software Co., Ltd.'s business scope includes computer software technology development, sales and service, server development, embedded intelligent product development. Relying on a professional, young and passionate R&D team for software and hardware integration, independent research and development, Renhe is now in possession of 99 core software and patented technologies.

Based on the core product of Renhe is "RENHXY®ERP System", which focuses on "Enterprise Digital Operation Management Overall Solution", "Enterprise Private Cloud Network Technology" and "Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Overall Solution", Renhe provides users with easy-to-use and practical overall solution products and services to help reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The well-known contemporary business management scientist Peter Drucker concluded that the core idea of management is "task, responsibility, practice", which is a truth easy to understand. However, many companies just don't know where to begin. Traditional management is represented by ideas without carrier. The essence of RENHXY®ERP lies in the combination of management thinking and management behavior through software carrier...

Company Culture

Renhe Xingye Ode

A benevolent person has the possession of virtue, who is not self-absorbed, self-righteous or self-conscious, while a humble person harmonizes the world with Tao and virtue. A weak a person will not show benevolence, and a strong but not benevolent person cannot harmonize the world. Harmony leads to coherence, and coherence leads to long-term development.

Leaders should treat subordinates fairly like the nature treat everything without bias. The only way to success is to be honest and hardworking.

Ten Basic Principles for Employees

Be honest, moral and competent

Unite colleagues and care for subordinates

Respect discipline, be dedicated and responsible

Keep customer first in mind, keep improving

Be pragmatic, honest and magnanimous

Do small things without being arrogant or impulsive

Be neat and energetic

Get rid of bureaucratism and subservience

Be prudent and independent

Be sagacious and agile

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