RENHXY®ERP Purchase Process
RENHXY®ERP Sales Process
RENHXY®ERP Production Process

Software Advantages

  • Data Security

    Three-layer firewall using military and bank security mechanisms
    In-depth development of server on LINUX system
    ERP software is developed using JAVA advanced language

  • Enterprise Private Cloud

    B/S structure, enterprise private cloud system
    Free allocation of an ERP domain name for each enterprise
    Connected to the enterprise's ERP server, where the boss, employees, whether at home, on business trips or working in branch ompanies can share the same system

  • Free Upgrade

    One-time purchase with long-term free upgrade



Corporate headquarters
Corporate branch
Employees and business
personnel on trips

APP clock-in with fixed location set by GPS, which allows no clock-in out of the range

Employees on business trips/going out sign in at their destinations,
and share the location to superior leaders on WeChat.


1、RENHXY®ERP docks with WeChat, and employees share their locations with superiors on WeChat.

2、The clock-in location cannot be modified.

Comparison of RENHXY®ERP Product Advantages

  • Items RENHXY®ERP Private Cloud Edition CD Version of Other Brands Public Cloud Version of Other Brands
  • Installation Method RENHXY®ERP server, integrated Linux operating system, no installation required Without hardware, CD installation is required, WINDOWS system No system, account purchase
  • Operating System The server comes with LINUX system, which is a special system for banks and military use with high security level and stability WINDOWS system, failures and poor stability LINUX System
  • APP(Application) Comprehensive APP for Android and APP systems None APP function is simple and incomplete
  • Security Business data is stored on its own server, which is very safe. The server can be placed anywhere in the home. No installation is required and maintenance is simple. Safe, but install, configure and maintain are complicated. Insecurity. As data is stored on the service provider's server, it is easy to be disclosed. Data cannot be backed up by the enterprise itself.
  • Technical Advantages B/S structure, mainly developed using JAVA high-level language, comprehensive product functions, simple and easy to use, ERP level C/S structure, developed using C#, .net, php and other languages, outdated technology more than ten years ago with poor safety and stability, complicated product operation and incomplete functions, a purchase, sale and stock management software B/S structure, simple product function
  • Running Speed The server has built-in 128G memory for ERP hardware acceleration, which is 5-8 times faster than computers with same configuration Software without hardware acceleration Software without hardware acceleration
  • Method of Purchase One-time purchase, long-term upgrade for free, low cost No upgrade available Charged annually,high use cost
  • After-sales Service 1 year warranty of server hardware, long term free upgrade of software, free product training Paid training Paid training
RENHXY®ERP integrates the convenience of a public cloud system and the security of a traditional local version. Comprehensive performance, simple and easy use.
RENHXY Cloud Server Series

IX Server


Features: small, quiet and energy saving

Suitable for small enterprises

Specification: 200*200*70MM

IE Server


Features: 2U chassis, mute,
energy saving,premium
hardware configured

High hardware configuration

Suitable for medium and large

Specification: 482*350*89MM

IP System Card


Features: user configured server

Suitable for medium and large

RENHXY Digital Factory

A machine brain
ERP and machinery equipment communication
Data collection
Data analysis and processing
Equipment operation monitoring and early warning
  • ERP系统服务器

    4 core 1.8G


    8G storage

    4 serial ports

    2 way USB


    16 inch capacitive screen

    Resolution: 1920 1080

    Brightness: 250CD/㎡

    Android system touch

    Support hanger installation

    RENHXY®ERP Workstation Tablet PC
  • 物联网ERP

    1 way 232

    1 way 485

    1 SIM card


    Outdated industrial equipment can be connected to the ERP server through 232/485 communication and upgraded to digital equipment

    RENHXY®ERP-Internet of Things Terminal
  • 物联网ERP,工业4.0
    RFID electronic label features:

    Non-contact identification (0.2-10 meters)

    Lot recognition

    Transparent identification without unpacking

    Passive. The label does not require electricity, small and thin, and is widely used in the identification, inventory and use of products in the entire link of production, warehouse, sales, logistics and other industries in clothing, jewelry, electronics and other industries

    RENHXY® ERP-RFID tag scanner

DOCKING PERIPHERALSDocking peripherals

  • 物联网ERP,工业4.0

    Receipt Printer
    Label Printer

  • 物联网ERP,工业4.0

    Multi-copy Printer
    Laser Printer

  • 物联网ERP,工业4.0

    Wired Scanning Gun
    One-dimensional Code/QR Code

  • 物联网ERP,工业4.0

    Wireless Scanner
    One-dimensional Code/QR Code

  • 物联网ERP,工业4.0

    Wired Electronic Scale
    Wireless Electronic Scale

  • 物联网ERP,工业4.0

    RFID Tags

  • 物联网ERP,工业4.0

    Handheld PDA

  • 物联网ERP,工业4.0

    Landline Telephone

  • 物联网ERP,工业4.0

    Face And Fingerprint Attendance Machine

  • 物联网ERP,工业4.0


  • 物联网ERP,工业4.0


  • 物联网ERP,工业4.0

    Warning Light



RENHXY®ERP Workstation Tablet PCWorkspace Tablet Computer


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