Comparison of RENHXY®ERP Product Advantages

  • Items RENHXY®ERP Private Cloud Edition CD Version of Other Brands Public Cloud Version of Other Brands
  • Installation Method RENHXY®ERP server, integrated Linux operating system, no installation required Without hardware, CD installation is required, WINDOWS system No system, account purchase
  • Operating System The server comes with LINUX system, which is a special system for banks and military use with high security level and stability WINDOWS system, failures and poor stability LINUX System
  • APP Comprehensive APP for Android and APP systems None APP function is simple and incomplete
  • Security Business data is stored on its own server, which is very safe. The server can be placed anywhere in the home. No installation is required and maintenance is simple. Safe, but install, configure and maintain are complicated. Insecurity. As data is stored on the service provider's server, it is easy to be disclosed. Data cannot be backed up by the enterprise itself.
  • Technical Advantages B/S structure, mainly developed using JAVA high-level language, comprehensive product functions, simple and easy to use, ERP level C/S structure, developed using C#, .net, php and other languages, outdated technology more than ten years ago with poor safety and stability, complicated product operation and incomplete functions, a purchase, sale and stock management software B/S structure, simple product function
  • Running Speed The server has built-in 128G memory for ERP hardware acceleration, which is 5-8 times faster than computers with same configuration Software without hardware acceleration Software without hardware acceleration
  • Method of Purchase One-time purchase, long-term upgrade for free, low cost No upgrade available Charged annually,high use cost
  • After-sales Service 1 year warranty of server hardware, long term free upgrade of software, free product training Paid training Paid training
RENHXY®ERP has both the convenience of a public cloud system and the security of a traditional local version. Comprehensive performance, easy to use

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