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Awarded the title of "Excellent Product" in China's international high-tech industry
  • Problems encountered by enterprises
  • Inventory is not clear
  • Employee's work status is unknown
  • Profits and costs do not understand
  • Sales customers are hard to find
  • Employee turnover data loss
  • low production efficiency
  • Management is complicated, messy, busy and tired
  • Renhe ERP can do it for you
  • management standardization
  • business process
  • telecommuting
  • Enterprise data security management
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Online big data marketing
  • Employee performance optimization
  • Factory smart manufacturing upgrade
  • Enterprise digitalization
The ERP management model of RENHXY®ERP

The well-known contemporary business management scientist Peter Drucker concluded that the core idea of management is "task, responsibility, practice", which is a truth easy to understand. However, many companies just don't know where to begin. Traditional management is represented by ideas without carrier. The essence of RENHXY®ERP lies in the combination of management thinking and management behavior through software carrier...
The four-dimensional management model of RENHXY®ERP is represented by "people, finance, material, time".
Relying on the management of these four basic programs, enterprises can realize:
Process-oriented business, management system standardization and management thought software.


Efficiency improvement


Reduce costs


Performance improvement

Management creates value, technology improves efficiency

An excellent management system will not only focus on software technology.

but also on management philosophy.

An excellent management system will not only focus on philosophy,

but also on practice, and the combination of philosophy and practice.

Our business management model is to integrate intangible management concepts with tangible

management behavior.

What we do is not only software, but more important the business management model.

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  • IOS
  • Windows

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  • PC
  • Cell phone
  • Tablet PC

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